E-Commerce Solutions & Platforms

We offer cloud based, enterprise-scale, end-to-end platform solutions designed to support and manage all aspects of your system. This includes the platform software that drives product management, order management, reporting as well as various other critical and complex functions supporting the back-office needs.

The system provides a website/online store that is fully mobile-ready using a mobile-responsive look and feel that empowers your sales across the variety of consumer devices.

As a full service system, it includes a variety of back-office capabilities that enable running and managing the entire lifecycle of an ecommerce business.

Some of the capabilities in our solutions are as follows:

  • Mid to Enterprise class -- It is cloud based modern e-Commerce system that is mobile-ready, consumer-centric, and scalable.
  • Payment Options -- Support for multiple advanced payment options, and able to integrate new payment solutions.
  • Order Workflow management - As you receive and fulfil orders, the system tracks and reports on where each order stands so you can prevent order delays and stay on top of orders.
  • CRM Features -- Provides customer profiles, subscription incentives, coupons, loyalty features etc. to help acquire and retain your customers.
  • Turnkey solution -- that enables getting you up and running in a short time to start generating sales.
  • Search Engine Friendly -- The platform will have built-in support for key technology elements of website design that help in improved ability for search engines and in turn driving internet traffic.
  • Data Management --The solution supports tools for unified and efficient internal and supplier data and inventory management processes. These can be customized to suit specific business needs.
  • Tactical Features - Tools to help with competitive strategies and pricing, as well business rules to automatically handle various inventory situations, buyer incentives etc.
  • Vendor Portal Capability -- Ability to add products from other suppliers to complement or supplement your own product offerings thereby attracting a broader audience.
  • Communications/Notifications -- Automated notifications to all parties including customers (e.g. order confirmations), suppliers (e.g. alerts for order fulfilment delays), management reports on daily orders etc.

Scalable E-Commerce System

Your business grows over time, some grow rapidly. Your IT system needs to be able to support the growth. There are cost/benefit trade-offs that help set the right solution in place. We evaluation business needs for the short and long term and build accordingly.

Data Management

The system in an e-commerce business involves large amounts of data related to product information, orders, customers etc. While this necessarily involves backend database management, our solutions do this based on consumer and business needs in mind.

Order Workflow

E-commerce businesses have lots of operations including order management. Each order flows through a defined path of processing. Tracking and reporting of an order's progress is important. We ensure orders follow a defined path and are well tracked for best customer experience.


CMS (Content Management System) has become a key component of any e-commerce solution. This enables making a lot of changes and configuration settings without touching any programming code. We provide this in our custom or ready-made platform solutions.

Payment Systems

There are a lot of payment solutions available for e-commerce, and some are very common among online consumers such as Paypal and others. We can support a variety of payment processing options for our customers and integrate into the e-commerce solutions.

Inventory Features

As products are sold, keeping track of inventory levels is essential. Poor inventory processes can cause a lot of pain. We build solutions and processes to help manage this aspect in a structured way to maximize sales potential while minimizing risks.

System Communications

Keeping on top of the IT system activities and status in e-commerce businesses requires timely information to the owners and managers, and sending communication to customers. Our solutions provide required communications for all key stakeholders.