Marketing Services

Creating an online store is a critical and fundamental step but without marketing, getting the most out of your ecommerce business is a big challenge. The new economy especially for e-commerce is all about digital marketing in various forms.

Marketing is both art and science. It covers broad activities including merchandizing, content presentation with elegant graphics and product specifications, search engine optimization, email campaigns, and social media engagement.

While ecommerce system development is mostly an initial major phase, marketing is usually an ongoing effort. Graphics and other presentation elements on various channels are key elements of a successful marketing strategy.

Our services include the following:

  • Development of marketing strategies - selection of appropriate channels, strategy for pricing, marketing cost estimates etc.
  • Merchandizing - Development of data and content presentation and related features to increase visitor engagement and conversions.
  • Marketing Budget Allocation - Proper allocation of marketing dollars across all media channels.
  • Multiple Channels - Marketing through various methods and channels including SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Blogging, Affiliate networks and others as necessary.
  • SEO - Set up of SEO friendly website with proper on-page and off-page optimizations including search engine related features like meta tags, search-friendly URLs, sitemap, URL redirects, landing page strategy etc.
  • Pay Per Click - Establishing a PPC campaign with a target budget and constantly managing the results based on the results and analytics.
  • Email Marketing - Identifying opportunities to reach out to existing and potential customers, designing email campaigns, executing the campaigns, and tracking results.
  • Web Analytics - Analyzing the traffic sources, trends to your e-commerce website to help you make better decisions and improve your marketing results, and apply the business intelligence gathered on a regular basis.
  • Social Media - Driving and managing ongoing social media presence helps cultivate branding and customer engagement.


This includes selection and presentation of product information, selection of appropriate channels, and strategy for pricing etc. Our goal is to present products in a compelling way, increase average order size, and improve conversion rates.

Email Marketing

While emails can be overwhelming for many users, consumers expect to get notified of special events and promotions, and so this remains a key component of any marketing plan. Consumers are asked to opt-in for the email communication and a balanced amount of messaging is sent.

Marketing Budget Strategy

Your marketing budget is a limited resource. This can get complicated with increasing number of channels available to sell. As a result, we use careful manipulation and allocation to maximize return on marketing dollars.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is an important component of today's marketing plans. It helps generate branding quality and customer engagement, which in turn help generate sales. With many social mediums available, we identify a strategy to pick the rights ones to focus and get proper returns.

Special campaigns

This could be holiday events or special events created for promotions such as Flash sales. These require a coordinated strategy that may include email blasts, website changes, setting up pricing discounts etc. We drive these based on customer promotion events.