Professional Services

When an e-commerce system is put in place, there are a number of activities and services involved in operating the online business. A well-managed system is critical to successfully run and grow the online business. While some businesses have the ability to do it in house, others don't have the skillset or budget to add resources and operations.

Ecommerce involves a lot of operations. This includes software maintenance, data management such as product details, inventory, active/inactive products, orders etc. Then there are order management, vendor management, marketplace management, and customer services etc.

We offer various services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Order Management - While the platform automates many of the steps, there are some activities to oversee and track orders. It includes handling orders includes a variety of steps such as order validation, pushing the purchase order, tracking the shipment etc.
  • Inventory Management - Our solution includes tools to manage inventory. This may include adding an integration with a client's backend to automate inventory updates. Product inventory management is a routine process. We provide services to monitor, activate/deactivate products, update the inventory, as well as extraction of inventory data for various channels.
  • Customer Support - Providing service to customers on product and order inquiries, help with order tracking etc.
  • Drop Ship / Supplier Management - For businesses that want to broaden the scope of their ecommerce business and sell products from other suppliers in order to complement or supplement their offerings, we can manage their supplier partnership needs.
  • System Administration & management - This includes managing the ecommerce online system on the cloud to keep them running, keep them secure, and address ongoing technical issues.
  • Marketplace management - Setting up & managing the marketplace account, and operating the stores on a variety of channels.

Order Management

As orders are received, they need to be tracked during the processing through shipment. Multiple issues may arise in this cycle and proper process is needed to prevent costly mistakes. A smooth order management process creates customer confidence and trust in the business.

Inventory Management

As products are sold or become active/inactive in an ecommerce business, maintaining inventory levels and status is critical to preventing invalid orders and maintaining customer trust. We support ongoing data operations to keep tabs on all aspects.

Customer Support Services

Customers want timely updates on orders and shipment. They often need answers to product or policy inquiries etc. We can offer services to provide customer support through various communication methods.

DropShip/Supplier Management

If you have products from suppliers, supplier account management and relationship is an important part of the business. We can offer account management services to ensure a smooth operational relationship with suppliers.

System Management

Running a healthy technical operation is key to a successful ecommerce business. We have expertise in maintaining the technology aspects such as database, hosting environment, software, and third party components involved.

Marketplace Management

Marketplaces such as Amazon, Sears etc. help diversify your sales channels. We can help manage your marketplace sales operations and enable growth of your online business.