Business Intelligence

Understanding the operations and getting an insight into the business and sales performance is a key component of running an online business. This business intelligence is gathered through various data tools and processes.

In ecommerce, there are lots of data elements involving products, channels, orders, traffic etc. Keeping a tab on the various data pieces can be a challenge, but not leveraging data to gain insights into the business can be a serious mistake. Maintaining and growing sales using these tools and strategies can bring great results.

Our Business Intelligence Services include:

  • Product Performance - Evaluating the sales performance of various product lines and products within those lines in terms of merchandizing and sales.
  • Cost, Sales, Profit Reporting - The platform provides reports on sales and profitability. Utilizing these reports helps find growth trends and areas needing focus.
  • System Administration & management - Managing the ecommerce online system on the cloud to keep it running, keep it secure, and address ongoing technical issues.
  • Marketplace management - Setting up & managing the marketplace account, and operating the stores on one or more channels, order management & tracking, as well as customer support.

Product Performance Analysis

Identifying which products are doing better in sales and customer demand can be a valuable tool. We use variety of reports to identify top performers, and adjust strategies as needed to maximize value of efforts.

Cost, Sales, Profit Reporting

Reporting offers quick and direct summary of the operational efficiencies. Management decisions are based on good reports. We look at information from the system in a variety of ways to manage costs, sales, and profits.

Pricing Analysis And Strategy

Good pricing is a key attraction for consumers. Where there are opportunities, we use methodical approaches to establish pricing strategy and generate positive results while improving customer acquisition rates.

Google Analytics

Google provides invaluable tools to dissect traffic data, sources, and conversions. These tools provide time based data on hundreds of aspects. We leverage all that information to make sound decisions to protect business performance and identify growth opportunities.

Customer Analysis

Understanding your customer provides valuable insights. We look at various pieces of data to characterize customer segments and utilize those insights to help with sales.